Jakarta. A group of Indonesia civil society organizations has officially submitted recommendations concerning corruption eradication to President Joko Widodo on Thursday (01/12) in Jakarta. The event was part of the summit of Corruption Eradication National Conference (KNPK 2016) themed reform of law enforcement system and accountable and transparent public services. The recommendations was formulated after a series of activity of the 5th Indonesia Anti-Corruption Forum (IACF V) carried out in four regions and attended by civil society groups from Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. Meanwhile, the representatives from Papua region was unable to participate due to limited budget. The activities took place in:

Ø Pekanbaru, Riau, on 22-23 November 2016 with focus on corruption in forestry and palm oil sectors;

Ø Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, on 22-23 November 2016 with focus on corruption in mining sector;

Ø Malang, East Java, on 24-25 November focusing on corruption in public services;

Ø Jakarta, on 28-30 November 2016 focusing on corruption in political sector. The event also compiled all recommendations resulted from activities in said regions.

The recommendations to the president are as follow:


  1. The government must establish a national strategy to accommodate every anti-corruption initiatives in Indonesia, including creating an inter-state agencies coordination mechanism.
  2. The government must provide a guaranty to the involvement of civil societies as partner in corruption eradication efforts.
  3. Improvement of transparency of law enforcers’ management in handling cases through the development of case handling database.
  4. Intensification of coordination, capacity building and case handling system among law enforcement institutions.
  5. The government should expedite the completion of assets rescue through the approval of Expropriation Bill, Extradition Bill, and Mutual Legal Assistance Bill.
  6. The formation of Special Force on Natural Resources and Environmental Crimes Obliteration under the President to handle particular cases such as the open-pit mining in East Kalimantan; cement factory in Rembang; Teluk Jakarta and Teluk Benoa reclamations; and Tenure Conflict in Palm Oil sector.
  7. Firm law enforcement towards corporations that violate natural resources regulation (Example: not owning forest-use permits or IPPKH, unfulfillment of non-tax state revenue, and noncompliance of reclamation and post-mining regulations).
  8. Imposing legal follow-up on findings and recommendations from the KPK’s Korsup Minerba such as the revocation of entire Non-Clean and Clear mining permits (IUP) by the latest of 2 January 2017; as well as annulling mining permits in conservation area.


9. Enforcing prevention mechanism of conflict of interest between public service administrators and private  sectors.

10. Revealing the contract documents between government and third parties in goods and services procurement (PBJ) as well as strengthening the monitoring on LKPP evaluation to ensure the accountability of PBJ.

11. The government must strengthen efforts to prevent and eradicate corruption in private sectors as well as in political and environmental sectors to increase healthy investment climate.

12. Establishing national complain handling that is accountable, transparent, integrated, and accessible to relevant stakeholders.

13. Converting payment mechanism into ‘cashless’ system in the entire licensing services.


14. Improving political party’s integrity corroborated by low budget and financial independence party system, a democratic recruitment system and an accountability system to constituent.

15. Creating a transparent and accountable election system that is free of transactional politics.

16. Effectuating a parliament that is capable to represent people’s aspirations as well as able to be held accountable for people-based progams and project budgets in respective constituents.


Download complete recommendations here in Indonesian: rekomendasi-iacf-v-untuk-presiden_kop-docx

Also in English version: recommendations-on-corruption-eradication-to-indonesia-president[/fusion_text]