1805, 2017

Private Gain, Public Risk: Guarantees & Credit Enchancement for Indonesia’s Coal-Fired Power Plants

Risk guarantee and credit enhancement programs that subsidize coal-fired power plants could cost the Government of Indonesia and Indonesia ratepayers as much as tens of trillions of rupiah - many billions of U.S. dollars -

1805, 2017

Indonesia Govt taking massive risk through subsidies to the coal industry

Indonesia's electricity plans are dominated by dirty coal-fired power plants, which not only create environmental problems, but also create significant financial risks for the Government of Indonesia and for Indonesian electricity consumers. Guarantees and similar policies that benefit coal power plants in Indonesia could result in losses to the Government of Indonesia that reach tens trillions of rupiah - billions of U.S dollars. These financial risks arise from a combination of risk insurance (guarantees) and credit enhancement programs for dirty coal electricity projects.

502, 2017

Oil Palm Bill: A Tool to Back Up Illegal Permit Holders and Forest Encroachers

Jakarta, 5 February 2017 - It is a wonder to look at how progressive are the policymakers when deliberating the new bill on oil palm (RUU Perkelapasawitan). The bill, included within 2017 prioritized bill just two months ago, has already been in harmonization process. Yet, if we look closely, the bill doesn’t seem like what it promises.

302, 2017

Indonesian Peat Restoration Needs Immediate Action, Not Bureaucratic Attitude

Jakarta, 2 February 2015 - In light of forest and peat forest that is coming closer, the prioritized peat restoration assigned to Peat Restoration Agency meets an obstacle from corporation. Ironically, such reticence is somehow supported by Environment and Forestry Ministry (KLHK) with its secretary general saying that the peat agency has no capacity whatsoever to issue an order towards concession holders.

1901, 2017

APP’s New Pulp Mill Endangers Indonesia’s Climate Change Commitments

On December 23, 2016 Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) announced it had started production at one of the largest pulp and tissue mills in the world. The company promotes the project in Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI), South Sumatra as an engine for Indonesia’s economic development and promises it will create thousands of jobs. But the OKI mill comes with high costs for Indonesia and the global environment: the mill’s wood supply is grown mostly on drained peatlands, a production system that causes extremely high carbon emissions and, at times, catastrophic fires.

3008, 2016

After Guilty Verdict on PT National Sago Prima: What Now?

On August 2016, the Coalition of Anti-Forest Mafia held a discussion with media in Jakarta following guilty verdict for PT. National Sago Prima in land and forest fires case against Environment and Forestry Ministry.

1108, 2016

Indonesian Court Charges a Corporation in Forest Fire Case

Jakarta – The verdict newly ruled by South Jakarta State Court has given a new hope on forest and land fires law enforcement in Indonesia. In a hearing Wednesday, the panel judges declared PT. National

1108, 2016

Indonesia Anti-Mining Mafia Coalition Urged Government to Revoke Troubled Mining Permit

Jakarta – Anti-Mining Mafia Coalition urged the governors of 31 Indonesian provinces to curb troubled mining permits (IUP) that hasn’t been yet modified as Clean and Clear. The C&C status is mandated in 2015 Ministerial

507, 2016

Forest Rights Protection in Criminal Law Policy of Forest Destruction Eradication

The most concerning issue of law enforcement in forestry sector is the possibility that the law itself can be used against indigenous people and local community living surround forest, legal subjects whose rights and access to forest are supposedly protected.

2504, 2016

Indonesia Perlu Giat Untuk Beralih ke Energi Baru Terbarukan

Minggu, 24 April 2016 - Karena berbagai alasan, termasuk di dalamnya faktor perubahan iklim dan terganggunya kesehatan penduduk di berbagai belahan bumi yang disebabkan oleh mineral-mineral kotor seperti batubara, adalah suatu keniscayaan bahwa energi fosil kian