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auriga nusantara


Alex Waisimon: Birdwatching to guard Jayapura forest

Papua’s forests are gradually being earmarked for expansion of oil palm and mining, and infrastructure development. They are prone to siding with corporations, while marginalizing local communities. Alex Waisimon has responded by inviting as many people as possible to enjoy the beauty and excitement of watching birds of paradise in the wild. He has turned his ancestral community forest in Nimbokrang, Jayapura into an ecotourism area. Originally quite small, the area has now expanded, and consequently more forest has been saved.

Environmental Defender

Documenting threats to environmental defenders –- a pool of information relevant to improving environmental defender safety.

Rawa Kadut

Reforesting grasslands in Way Kambas National Park to nurture and expand habitats for iconic species, such as elephants, tigers and rhinos.

Auriga Nusantara

A platform presenting land cover dynamics in Indonesia -- containing information, data, map, and land cover’s transition on 11 land cover classes.


Information, discourse, lessons, associated activities on law enforcement in conservation and environmental sector.

Auriga Nusantara

Encouraging Indonesia away from fossil energy, particularly coal, including relevant lessons from other countries.

Sawit Info

A space for information, discourse and dialogue on palm oil –- encouraging progress and knowledge exchange to increase the credibility of Indonesian palm oil.

Auriga Nusantara

Raising a critical voice and pointing the finger at forestry, oil palm, and mining to eliminate practices and policies destructive to biodiversity.