The meaning of, and philosophy behind the name Auriga Nusantara

The name Auriga was inspired by the following:

  1. The constellation Auriga is home to Capella, the sixth brightest star visible from Earth. This signifies Auriga Nusantara’s wish to be an instrument that shines a bright light on the steps to take in achieving desired objectives.
  2. In etymological terms, Auriga, which has its origins in Greek mythology, means war charioteer. This is representative of Auriga Nusantara not always having to be the “archer” that eliminates its adversaries, but the driver that determines where the archer is positioned.

The word “Nusantara” succeeding Auriga signifies the institution having activities in the archipelago, much of which now makes up Indonesia.


History and entity status

Auriga Nusantara, previously known as Yayasan Silvagama, was established on 12 November 2009 with the maxim “a meaningful part of ecosystem”. This maxim was in humble realization of the multitude of elements in an ecosystem, and the desire to become a meaningful component within. Yayasan Silvagama secured official recognition from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights on 27 April 2020.

National political dynamics and a desire to be more inclusive were the main reasons for the name change from Yayasan Silvagama to Auriga Nusantara. The change was enacted on 26 May 2014 by public notary, Rini M. Dahliani, SH through Act of Amendment No. 02, which subsequently secured approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights on 23 July 2014 through Minister of Law and Human Rights Decree No. AHU-60.AH.01.05./2014.

Auriga Nusantara has legal status as a foundation, and is subject to applicable legislation governing foundations in Indonesia.