Auriga Nusantara is led by a foundation Chair, who is assisted by two deputies: a Program Deputy who oversees programmatic affairs and external relations; and an Institutional Deputy who oversees internal affairs and support systems within Auriga Nusantara.

The Institutional Deputy oversees six divisions, each led by its own division head. These are the heads of the: (i) Finance Division, (ii) Administration Division, (iii) Information Technology Division, (iv) Human Resources Division, (v) Legal Division, and (vi) Housekeeping Division.

The Program Deputy is assisted by six directorates, each led by its own director. These are the: (i) Forestry Director, (ii) Plantations Director, (iii) Mining and Energy Director, (iv) Law Enforcement Director, (v) Communications and Advocacy Director, and (vi) Information and Data Director.

The names of the Auriga Nusantara Chair, Deputies and Directors are as follows:

  • Chair: Timer Manurung
  • Program Deputy: Hendrik Siregar
  • Institutional Deputy: Triana Ramdani
  • Forestry Director: Supintri Yohar
  • Plantations Director: Chandra Natadipurba
  • Mining and Energy Director: Ibrahim Fahmi
  • Law Enforcement Director: Roni Saputra
  • Communications and Advocacy Director: Nala Dipa Alamsyah
  • Information and Data Director: Dedy Sukmara