INDONESIA’S LEGAL TIMBER SUPPLY GAP AND IMPLICATIONS FOR EXPANSION OF MILLING CAPACITY: A Review of the Road Map for the Revitalization of the Forest Industry, Phase 1 (2015)

AURIGA -  This report was prepared by Forest Trends and the Anti-Forest Mafia Coalition (Eyes on the Forest; GAPETA Borneo; Indonesia Corruption Watch; Indonesia Working Group on Forest Finance; Jikalahari; RPHK; Silvagama; Transparency International Indonesia; WALHI; and WWF-Indonesia). Sam Lawson commissioned and contributed to the analysis. James Hewitt provided the analysis of export data collected from Badan Pusat Statistik (Government of Indonesia) and UN Comtrade.

The primary purpose of this report is to provide input on the management of the forest sector to the new administration of President Joko Widodo. We hope that the Ministry of Environment and Forestry will find the results of this report useful in their review of forestry policy, particularly in building a sustainable industry. We thank Vinda Apriani for her assistance in Indonesia and the Ministry of Forestry and APKI for their cooperation. We thank our reviewers all of whom improved the manuscript. We thank CLUA and the UK Department for International Development for their support. The authors also thank Forest Trends for their assistance in preparing the manuscript, especially Kerstin Canby, Naomi Basik, Eve Richer, Lina Scott, and Anne Thiel.