Strategic Litigation Workshop (15 & 22 June 2020)

AURIGA -  Webinar. In collaboration with Climate Advisers, Auriga Nusantara will conduct an online Strategic Litigation Workshop on 15 and 22 June 2020. This event will be limited to inviting civil society groups working on the issue of conservation of natural resources and the environment (SDA-LH).

Strategic Litigation is an effort to handle cases of destruction of natural resources and environment with cross-border legal instruments. This approach departs from the understanding that natural resource management and the environment that often must cross countries, both because of interests and trade chains also cross countries. This workshop will revolve around legal instruments in Indonesia and the United States.

This workshop will present competent speakers, both from the United States and Auriga Nusantara. They will present the legal opportunities available in the two countries and their challenges and completeness. This workshop will be followed by an election which, together with civil society, will encourage it as a strategic litigation case model.