ZigZag Episode #4: Another Tale, Another Waste


November 11, 2020 – The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed lives on Earth, with rising medical waste being one of many instances. The use of surgical masks and other medical equipment also surged; the first half of 2020 alone already saw a record of 1.480 tonnes of medical waste. Lockdown has also turned people’s habit to shop online, thus increasing household waste.

Sadly, medical waste is yet to be managed in a manner that’s friendly to the environment, despite the fact that medical waste from Covid-19 and other disease are harmful and prone to further the spread of viruses. Given these impacts, peoples started to take action and demand a better solution regarding this matter.

As a response to this discourse, Auriga Nusantara collaborating with Change.org Indonesia, Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), and Tempo Institute organized the fourth episode of #ZigZag virtual webinar entitled Another Tale, Another Waste.

The discussion presented KPK’s regional coordinator for graft prevention Dian Patria; Nexus3’s Senior Advisor Yuyun Ismawati, Go Green Practitioner Ranie Untara, and #LimbaMedis Petition Initiator Amalia Nan Renjana.

Watch the webinar on Auriga Nusantara’s Youtube channel.