National Symposium: Environmental Recovery Post-Court Verdict

Although environmental damage assessments have been mentioned in several court cases, so far there have been no cases that have resulted in recovery or compensation activities for the affected communities. Among the cases that grant environmental restoration are cases of corruption in the use of timber for forest conservation into palm oil in East Kalimantan, corruption cases in industrial forest plantation permits in Riau, corruption cases in mining business permits in Central Sulawesi, forest fires in South Sumatra, fire cases forest in Aceh, and the case of forest fires in Riau.

However, the problem is that until now there is no mechanism for the management and use of compensation from the valuation for environmental restoration through the law enforcement process. Not only that, the process of calculating environmental losses has not been formulated in a solid manner, and there is not even a calculation and measure of recovery for the damage itself, including the impact on the affected community.

To answer the above problems, the Auriga Nusantara Foundation, the Faculty of Law, Andalas University and GreenPeace Indonesia invite researchers from academics, law enforcement, judicial institutions, ministries/state institutions, non-governmental organizations, journalists, and students to submit papers that will be published. presented in a national symposium with the title “Economic valuation policy for environmental restoration in policy and post-judicial decisions” on December 15, 2021.

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